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H2-Atemtests + Methan
Zitat:17. South Med J. 2012 May;105(5):251-3.

Carbohydrate challenge tests: do you need to measure methane?

Knudsen CD, Di Palma JA.

>From the Division of Gastroenterology, University of South Alabama
College of Medicine, Mobile, Alabama 36693, USA.

OBJECTIVE: Breath tests that measure hydrogen (H2) have been judged
reliable for the detection of lactose maldigestion (LM) and fructose malabsorption (FM).
Recently, methane (CH4) testing has been advocated and measurement of CH4 in
addition to H2 has been shown to increase the diagnostic accuracy for LM.
PURPOSE: This study was designed to consider the additional yield from CH4
measurement in patients tested for LM and FM.
METHODS: Patients reported for testing after an overnight fast, not
smoking and with their prior evening meal carbohydrate restricted. After challenge? with 50 g lactose or? 25 g fructose in water, end-alveolar breath samples collected? over a 4-hour duration were analyzed for H2 and CH4. Diagnostic positivity was? compared using a cutoff level of 20 ppm increase above fasting baseline for H2 alone, which is consistent with consensus guidelines, versus H2 plus twice CH4,? which recognizes that CH4 consumes twice the hydrogen.
RESULTS: There were 406 LM performed in 93 men and 313 women. Of those
tested, 124 (30%) had a positive test for H2 and 139 (34%) had a positive test
for H2 + CH4 ×2. There were 178 FM tests performed in 31 men and 147 women. Of those tested, 17 (9%) had a positive test for H2 and 42 (23%) had a positive
test for H2 + CH4 ×2.
CONCLUSION: If H2 alone was measured without additional CH4 analysis, 4% of
patients with LM and 14% patients with FM would not have been identified.

PMID: 22561536? [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

Eine höchst interessante Publikation zu H2-Atemtests!
Hier wird gleichzeitig Methan mitgemessen und die Testergebnisse sind erheblich „genauer“ – d.h., mit CH4 werden 14% mehr FM`ler und 4% mehr LI`ler identifiziert! Das dürften wohl nicht Non-Responder sein.
Die Messung gleichzeitig auf Methan fordert Dr. Ledochowski schon lange.....

So weit, so gut – oder auch nicht.
Wenn bisher schon Labore und Ärzte die inzwischen „etablierten“ H2-Atemtests nicht richtig durchführen oder die Ergebnisse nicht richtig interpretieren.....welches Durcheinander wird es dann mit gleich 2 ( zwei!) Messergebnissen geben?
Die Idee ist spitze – nur die „Durchführung“ beschert mir einiges Bauchgrummeln........


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